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   Small claims /

Small claims:

Regulation No. 861/2007 (EC) of the European Parliament and the Council of 11th July 2007 on establishing European proceedings for small claims aims at quickening and simplifying court proceedings in civil and commercial cases where the value of the subject of litigation does not exceed 2000 Euros.

Regulation applies to all Member States of the European Union except Denmark.

The proceedings concerned with small claims are carried out based on standard forms. These are written proceedings unless a court deems it necessary to order a hearing.

Regulation also establishes dates binding the parties and the court in order to expedite the proceedings.

Regulation stipulates the use of four standard forms.

Important information

Scope of application:


         Ordinance 805/2004 applies for civil and commercial matters. Sentences which may be certified with EEO include recognition of judgments, default judgments, settlements concluded before the court during the proceedings, settlements contained in the conciliation proceedings and as a result of mediation, approved by the court.

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