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First court decisions with EEO certificates.2011-08-15

First court decisions with EEO certificates were issued for the purposes of debt recovery in Spain, Austria, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Simultaneously a few dozen of decisions obtained in Germany were directed to court by the Management Centre of European Enforcement Orders in order to make those foreign court decisions enforceable in Poland.

Centre of the European Enforcement Orders2011-07-01

Officially, the first Polish Centre of European Enforcement Orders has been opened. It has been designed to support certificate sentences bearing EEO, both in Poland and abroad. The project arose with the European Union support

Signing of the agreement2011-06-18

On August 26th 2009 the agreement No. RPLB.02.01-08-026/09-00 on EU-funded project was signed. One of the crucial elements of the project was to establish the Centre of European Enforcement Orders. The project is innovative in nature.

Important information

Scope of application:


         Ordinance 805/2004 applies for civil and commercial matters. Sentences which may be certified with EEO include recognition of judgments, default judgments, settlements concluded before the court during the proceedings, settlements contained in the conciliation proceedings and as a result of mediation, approved by the court.

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